About Activate Press - the numbers games.

Activate Press is a powerful, small-scale website directory. It is designed for modern search engine algorithms. You’ll find it performs better than those massive, dinosaur link directories of the past.

  • All entries are reviewed (to maintain a good neighborhood) and may be edited.
  • No deep folders or pushing your site off the main category page.
  • Capped numbers of links per page (so link juice is not diluted).
  • Contemporary SEO practices in every aspect.

Activate Press is an exclusive directory. As it fills, we are making it progressively harder to get listed. As the saying goes… first in, best dressed.

SEO Benefits of Adding a Site to Activate Press

Adding a website to a web directory such as Activate Press provides important SEO benefits.

  1. Backlinks. Many web directories allow websites to include a link back to their site. These links help to improve search engine rankings, as they signal to search engines that other websites consider the site to be valuable and relevant.
  2. Relevance. Appearing in a directory relevant to your site’s niche helps to establish it as an authority, leading to better rankings.
  3. Credibility. Submitting a website to Activate Press helps to establish credibility for a business, as it shows that the business is actively promoting itself online.
  4. Increased visibility. Directory listings increase site visibility, as it will be seen by people who are browsing the directory.
  5. Traffic. Online directories also drive targeted traffic to a website, as people searching for information on a topic within the directory may click through.

How Do I Add My Site?

Contact us and we’ll explain how to do it. It’s easy.