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Media fields related to knowledge, information management and communication.

Featured Media Websites

Chicago Manual of Style

Guidelines on editorial style and publishing practices for the digital age. The site is a valuable reference for anyone who works with words.

Eagle Publications

Country Illinois and other regional parts of America can get information from the Eagle Publications’ network. Local knowledge, innovative publishing and community support combine to help keep everyone informed at the county level.


Internet guide to understanding policy issues. The site summarizes key policy topics, with illustrations such as charts and maps. NewsBatch was created to better inform citizens of the issues which confront their nationally elected leaders and to help people make judicious voting decisions.

Reader’s Digest

Magazine with a large readership in the US and globally. Reader’s Digest aims to enrich the lives of readers. It delivers curated content that is concise, enduring and accessible. Popular reading sections include health, food, advice, home, true stories, jokes and games.


The corporate home of the Unicurve media company showcases some of the leading websites in education and parenting fields. The company’s assets and being grown individually and added to over time as Unicurve invests in innovative information and help sites.

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